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About LT-Innovate Forum

LT-Innovate is the Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry. It gathers companies developing products using intelligent content, speech and translation technologies.

LT-Innovate is co-financed by the European Commission under the ICT Programme of FP7. It is an opportunity for European companies to influence the future direction of an industry of high value and huge potential.

LT-Innovate provides a collaborative platform through which members can:

  • Stay informed with latest news, views and developments in the European LT industry
  • Gain access to market analysts who will document the shape of the emerging LT industry, provide concrete data and forecast future directions
  • Shape discussions, identify needs and solve problems through collaborating in industry-driven Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Provide collective feedback to policy makers at national and European level to shape future policies and programmes

Membership of LT-Innovate is open to all European LT vendors and all interested parties. If you are not yet a member, join LT-Innovate now @ www.lt-innovate.eu!

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