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Language Technology for Europe 2020: "The Missing Piece in the Puzzle"?


Registration & Networking


Plenary Opening Panel

Language Technologies for Europe 2020: a Prime Economic, Social and Cultural Opportunity

Moderator: Jochen Hummel, Chairman of LT-Innovate

Chris Lewis, Group Vice President, International Telecoms and Networking, IDC
Prof. Hervé Bourlard, Chairman IDIAP - Founding Director, Koemei
Erwin van Lun, CEO & Founder Chatbots.org
Roberto Cencioni, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Connect
Marcus Polke, Investment Director, Acton Capital

Panel discussion


Coffee & Networking


Showcase Presentation Session I

Moderator: William Stevens
Expert Jury: See full list here
- John Lindsay, WON
- Sigfried Verstappen - Invest Hong Kong
- Earnest D. Paylor II - WorldTech International
- Nico Houthaeve - Deloitte
- Jan Coppens (IBBT)
- Wolfgang Mackiewicz, Freie Universität Berlin

Presenters: See full list here
- Rachel Freeman - Creative Virtual
- Ioannis Iakovidis - Interverbum Tech
- Ian Butler - LingleOnline Ltd
- Ed Kool - Lingvistica
- Jordi Torras - Inbenta
- Feiyu Xu - Yocoy Technologies GmbH

Showcase Presentation Session II

Moderator: Rose Lockwood
Expert Jury: See full list here
- Simon McDermott - New Media Cloud
- Cesare Sacerdoti - CSE Crescendo
- Arturo Quintero - Moravia IT
- Freddy Nurski (TiE Brussels)

Presenters: See full list here
- Frederik Cailliau - Sinequa
- Casper Davies - Bitext Innovations
- Jose Gonzalez - DAEDALUS, S.A.
- Estelle Delpech - Nomao (Ebuzzing group)
- Balázs Benedek - Skawa Technologies Ltd.
- Jeroen Fransen - Joyrite

Innovation Focus
(Intelligent Services *)

Semantics of Cross-border Government Services

Moderator:  Jochen Hummel, ESTeam
Rapporteur: Margaretha Mazura
- Yvonne Heinke, Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market
- Martin Le Vrang, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion


Innovation Focus
(Intelligent Enterprise *)

Business & Finance, Discovery, Risk Management & Compliance,  Sales & Marketing, Operations & Performance, Publishing & Knowledge

Moderator: Claude de Loupy, Syllabs
Rapporteur: Philippe Wacker
- Alexander Rylov, ABBYY
- Gregory Grefenstette, 3DS Exalead
- István Lengyel, Kilgray
- Can Unal, Linguasys
- Moshe Wasserblat, NICE
- Diego Bartolome, tauyou
- Stephan Geissler, TEMIS
- Jakub Zavrel, Textkernel


Walking Lunch


Showcase Presentation Session III

Moderator: Ruben Riestra
Expert Jury: See full  list here
- Renato Beninatto (Moravia)
- Christian Dugast (tech2biz)
- Brian Kelly
- German M Fajardo Muriel (OhmTel)
- Tom Tourwé (Sirris)
Presenters: See full  list here
- Juan Jose Bermudez - Lingua e-Solutions
- Jakub Zavrel - Textkernel BV
- Gregory Grefenstette - 3DS Exalead
- Alexander Rylov - ABBYY Europe Gmbh
- Moshe Wasserblat - NICE Systems

Showcase Presentation Session IV

Moderator: Margaretha Mazura
Expert Jury: See full list here
- Rahzeb Choudhury (TAUS)
- Michele Simonato (TMRW Venture Club)
- Alexander Wahler (STI International)
- Denis Dovgopoliy (TA Ventures)
- Marina Tognetti - Myngle
Presenters: See full list here
- Luc Meertens - CrossLang
- David Canek - Memsource
- Niko Papula - Multilizer
- Gaëlle Recourcé - Kwaga
- Caterina M. Berbenni-Rehm - PROMIS@Service

Innovation Focus
(Intelligent Helpers *)

Virtual Assistants, Avatars, Robots, Personal Productivity, Searchers & Recommenders, Cars & Phones

Moderator:  Paul Welham, Cereproc
Rapporteur: Rose Lockwood
- Ian Schofield, JayBee
- James Rowe, Toby Churchill
- Andrejs Vasiljevs, Tilde
- Judith Sastre, Inbenta
- Ed Kool, Lingvistica
- Daniel Rejtö, Plunet
- Elsa Monsegur, Softissimo


Innovation Focus
(Intelligent Skills *)

Education & Training, Skills for Business, People & their Languages

Moderator: Ian Butler, LingleOnline
Rapporteur: Andrew Joscelyne
- Prof. Wolfgang Mackiewicz, Freie Universität Berlin, CELAN
- Jeroen Fransen, Joyrite


Coffee & Networking


Showcase Presentation Session V

Moderator: William Stevens
Expert Jury: See full list here
- Stephane Courrier (InfoPME)
- Bryan Cassady (Webjuicer)
- Filip Dobranic (Boundbreaker)
- Stephane Goubau (Intel)
- Gherard Budin (Centre of Translation Studies)
Presenters: See full list here
- Daniel Rejtö - Plunet GmbH
- Nadja Grimm - LinguaSys
- Stefan Geiβler - TEMIS
- Christoph Goller - Intrafind
- Paul Murphy - Call Trunk Holdings Ltd

Showcase Presentation Session VI

Moderator: Rose Lockwood
Expert Jury: See full list here
- Kim Harris (text&form)
- Laurence Garrett (HPC)
- Alessandro Bernazzani (TMRW venture Club)
- Luis Galveias (EBAN)
Presenters: See full list here
- Elsa Monségur - Softissimo
- Diego Bartolome - Tauyou language technology
- Andrejs Vasiljevs - Tilde
- Rupert Evans - TranslateMedia
- Diane hanghøj - WebWordSystem
- Andrzej Zydron - XTM International

Innovation Focus
(Intelligent Healthcare *)

Doctors & Patients, Access to Medical Knowledge, Science & Discovery

Moderator: Adriane Rinsche, The Language Technology Centre
Rapporteur: Rose Lockwood
- Alexander Rylov, ABBYY
- Richard Gain, Clinithink
- Jose Gonzalez, Daedalus
- Ian Schofield, Jaybee
- Oier Ateka Barrutia, King’s College London


Innovation Focus
(Innovative Partnering and Collaborative Projects)

Moderator: Paul Welham (Cereproc)
Rapporteur: Margaretha Mazura
- Baard Krogshus, eMatch Norway
- Kimmo Rossi, European Commission, DG Connect
- Casper Davies, Bitext
- Caterina Berbenni-Rehm, Promis@Service



Closing Panel: The Voice of the Forum

Panel reports from :
Claude de Loupy :  iEntreprise
Jochen Hummel :  iServices
Adriane Rinsche :  iHealth
Paul Welham :  iHelpers
Ian Butler :  iSkills

Developing a Vision Statement for the Industry
Ruben Riestra, Special Advisor, LT-Innovate

LT-Innovate: The Way Forward
Philippe Wacker, Secretary General, LT-Innovate


 Drinks & Networking


LT-Innovate Award Ceremony & Gala Dinner

Under the auspices of Katarína Nevedalová and Séan Kelly, Members of the European Parliament




The LT-Innovate Summit is prolonged by the META-Forum
which takes place on 20-21 June in Hotel Le Plaza, Boulevard Adolphe Max 118, 1000 Brussels






Intelligent Services
Semantics of Cross-border Government Services

OHIM and DG Employment, pioneers in directly servicing citizens EU-wide, show how they use LT to deliver on the semantic layer of interoperability.


The Intelligent Enterprise
Business & Finance, Discovery, Risk Management & Compliance,  Sales & Marketing, Operations & Performance, Publishing & Knowledge

Language Technology is at the heart of the Intelligent Enterprise, supporting and enhancing business management, operations and sales & marketing. Today companies achieve significant operational benefits, competitive advantage, and market opportunities through use of LT-enabled products and services. Tomorrow, the evolution and integration of LT-based functions will determine winners and losers in many industries, particularly those with large customer-facing operations, or who operate in international and multilingual markets.


Intelligent Helpers
Virtual Assistants, Avatars, Robots, Personal Productivity, Searchers & Recommenders, Cars & Phones

Language Technology in services is complemented by “personal” language technology embedded in the devices and interfaces of users. Today speech interfaces are relatively common (at least in major European languages), the use of online avatars is exploding, there are dozens of personal assistant and translation apps for mobile devices, and there is growing interest in the potential for intelligent physical robots as personal companions and helpers. Tomorrow consumers will expect integrated support for finding, using and communicating information in familiar, device-neutral modes, without language barriers.


Intelligent Skills
Education & Training, Skills for Business, People & their Languages

Language Technology enables multilinguality and the development of language skills needed by EU citizens, and workers in the global economy; LT also supports learning environments in general. Today language-learning products are being transformed through the use of innovative LT features. Today training and educational systems of all types are being enhanced through speech interfaces, and the intelligent matching of learning materials and learning styles. Tomorrow multilinguality and LT will be baked into the digital environments of citizens, workers and consumers, making language learning and cross-language communication a rich mix of personal and digital intelligence.


Intelligent Healthcare
Doctors & Patients, Access to Medical Knowledge, Science & Discovery

Language Technology in healthcare and the life sciences is one of the fastest growing parts of the LT industry. Managing complex scientific data on the one hand and equally complex clinical data on the other is a compelling challenge, made even more so by the need to communicate effectively with patients. Today LT makes physicians and healthcare delivery organisations more efficient. Today pharmaceutical and bio-science companies mine scientific data using LT for faster and safer drug development. Today patients expect clear diagnostic information, and efficient communication with practitioners. Tomorrow healthcare and life sciences will share seamless access to medical and scientific data using commonly accepted models mapped to terminology in many languages, used by many different types of systems. Tomorrow patients will expect more control over their personal medical data, and the ability to transport and use it in the ways they want, to communicate it, and about it, across language barriers, all in secure and reliable environments.


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