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Presenting Companies

Luc Meertens
CrossLang - Gent [BE]
CrossLang is a privately owned consulting and systems integration company dedicated to translation automation technology
Gregory Grefenstette
3DS Exalead - Paris [FR]
Founded in 2000 by search engine pioneers, 3DS EXALEAD is a global provider of information access software for the enterprise and the Webr of information access software for the enterprise and the Web.
Casper Davies
Bitext Innovations SL [ES]
Bitext provides multilingual semantic technology (sentiment analysis, entity & concept extraction, text categorisation) that supports applications such as voice of the customer analytics, forensic eDiscovery and enterprise search
Paul Murphy
Call Trunk Holdings Ltd - London [GB]
A network and device independent call recording and management platform.
Rachel Freeman
Creative Virtual Ltd - London [GB]
Creative Virtual is a leader in self-service customer experience management solutions for enterprises and has built the most advanced technologies in knowledge management, natural language processing and virtual assistants.
Jose Gonzalez
DAEDALUS, S. A. - Madrid [ES]
Company specialized in language technologies, semantic web and intelligent systems
Feiyu Xu
DFKI/Yocoy Technologies GmbH - Berlin [DE]
Yocoy Apps overcome language barriers. They help people who do not share a language talk to each other, in their very own language. Yocoy has developed an interactive personal communication assistant that can translate and talk in foreign languages.
Ioannis Iakovidis
Interverbum Technology AB - Linköping [SE]
TermWeb - the most powerful terminology management system on the market.
Christoph Goller
Intrafind - München [DE]
Intrafind offers products, solutions, and consulting centered on the topics of enterprise search, information access and text analytics.
Jeroen Fransen
Joyrite - Breda [NL]
Helping teachers to revise essays faster and better
Gaëlle Recourcé
Kwaga - Paris [FR]
You deserve an email personal assistant.
Ian Butler
LingleOnline Ltd - Dublin [IE]
English Language Learning Materials from Current News: Automatically
Juan José Bermúdez
Lingua e-Solutions SL - Barcelona [ES]
A decentralized search engine on steroids
Ed Kool
Lingvistica - Dongen [NL]
Language Resources for Business and Research
David Canek
MemSource Technologies - Prague [CZ]
A complete translation environment in the cloud
Niko Papula
Multilizer - ESPOO [FI]
Multilizer develops tools for localization and translation, especially related to effective use of machine translation.
Moshe Wasserblat
NICE Systems [IL]
NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time.
Estelle Delpech
Nomao (Ebuzzing group) - Toulouse [FR]
Helping people to find and share local places
Caterina Berbenni-Rehm
PROMIS@Service Sarl - Luxembourg [LU]
Built to provide your own compliance! A business enabler that offers organizations a multilingual, multi-country & multi-client enabled management cockpit platform to monitor & control the legal, external and internal compliance requirements efficiently.
Frederik Cailliau
SINEQUA - Paris [FR]
Customizable and context-sensitive business search solutions for taming information complexity.
Balázs Benedek
Skawa Innovation Ltd. - Budapest [HU]
1-click website translation - Easyling.com, SaaS tool for Translation Agencies and freelancers, service for website owners
Andrzej Zydron
Skawa Innovation Ltd. [HU]
Easyling - Website Translation Proxy
Elsa Monsegur
Softissimo - Neuilly sur Seine [FR]
Communication without frontiers
Diego Bartolome
tauyou language technology [ES]
Customized technology for the translation industry
Stefan Geißler
TEMIS - Neckargemünd [FR]
Software company focussing on the analysis of text data for industry clients
Jakub Zavrel
Textkernel - Amsterdam [NL]
Multi-lingual semantic technology for recruiters and job seekers
Andrejs Vasiljevs
Tilde [LV]
Tilde is passionate about developing technologies that bridge language barriers in a multi-lingual web-centric world. language technologies to serve the needs of small languages and narrow domains.
Diane Hanghøj
WebWordSystem - Kolding [DK]
WebWordSystem is expert in easy to use translation memory tools and making translation easier

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